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T20 World Cup 2014 Exclusive
Faraz Special SMS


'Dard he dena tha to mukka mar dete, FaRaZ Sofe par sui rakhnay ki kia zarorat thi.......'....Read More
Posted Date: 03/24/2013 12:09:59 am Posted By: Paklover

Kis Ko Gumaan Hai

'Kis Ko Gumaan Hai Ab Kay Mere Saath Tum Bhi Thay Haye Woh Roz-e-Shab Kay Mere Saath Tum Bhi Thay, Yadaish Bakhair Ahed-e-Guzashta ki SahbateinEk Daor Tha Ajab Kay Mere Saath Tum Bhi Th....Read More
Posted Date: 03/24/2013 12:06:28 am Posted By: Paklover

Teri Yadain

'Teri Yadain Bhi Tuj Sy Zalim Hain "Faraz" Jab Dekhati Han Tanha Satany Chali Aati Hain..'....Read More
Posted Date: 03/24/2013 12:03:06 am Posted By: Paklover

Kissi Se Juda Hona

'Kissi Se Juda Hona Agar Itna Asan Hota "FARAZ" Jism Se Rooh Ko Lenay Kabhi Farishtay Na Atayyyy.....!!!'....Read More
Posted Date: 03/23/2013 11:58:50 pm Posted By: Paklover

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